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May 19, 2013

the bar snack blondie


This is it.

This is the post in which I tell you that I’m a selfish person, and have the evidence to prove it. This is the post in which you get a glimpse into the thoughts of my former seventeen-year-old brain (thankfully, said brain has matured some since). This is the post in which I may simultaneous disgust/ confuse/ and impress you. The is the post in which I present you with what I have proudly dubbed “The Bar Snack Blondie.” (This is also the post in which I audaciously throw the word “the” in front of a recipe name, evidently.)

BUT we are talkin’ pretzel crust, smoked almond blondie, toasty potato chip top and chocolate drizzle. Bar Snack Blondie isn’t enough; the “The” is necessary.

So yes, this is that post.


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August 16, 2012

four-layer chocolate cake with coconut and almond filling


Caution: You are about to embark on reading a long post.  It might as well be a novel, with some pretty pictures and an awesome recipe to break up all the monotony of texttexttexttexttext.  Consider yourself warned (but hopefully not intimidated!).


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May 18, 2012

red velvet beet brownies


The 7 Deadly Sins Eating Habits of A This College Student:

  1. Panini topped with Sour Cream & Onion chips  (noms x10)
  2. Eating straight from the pint of Ben & Jerry’s froyo (no shame lots and lots of shame)
  3. Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds – dry – after hitting the gym (epitome of logic)
  4. Rice Krispies for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  5. Pizza after midnight
  6. Frozen Back to Nature Fudge Mint Cookies (better than Thin Mints!)
  7. Daily square of Lindt Touch of Sea Salt Dark Chocolate (addicted, much?)

Twas a healthy year, indeed.  (Let’s not even talk about finals week…)

Chocolate Beet Cake Splice

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March 13, 2012

banana coffee cake muffins with chocolate chip streusel


Hello, hungry readers!  It’s been quite a while!

2012 has been pretty crazy for me so far… new classes, a decent amount of traveling, exploring summer opportunities.  Pure craziness.  In a good way, of course!

But despite being so busy, I’ve decided, as a sort of New Year’s resolution, to cut back on caffeine.  What what what am I thinking?  Not exactly a decision that is compatible with the college-freshman lifestyle.  (Ironic side note: I just drank a medium iced coffee from Au Bon Pain.  Oops.)


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June 22, 2011

truly “outrageous” brownies


As the inspiration for the name of this blog, brownies naturally have a certain sentimental value for me. They remind me of my best friends – our late nights crowded around the TV watching Law and Order: SVU, our candid conversations, and our tendency to drift off into a light sleep after finishing off a warm, comforting square of chocolate-y goodness.

But these brownies – this recipe. They are extra special to me.


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