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March 3, 2013

toasted coconut & salted caramel rugelach

LR Sample Edit-3641

Question: Have you ever logged onto Facebook, skimmed through your News Feed, and then proceeded to spend the next 15-20 minutes looking at/ through your own page? (I’m talking pictures, old posts, the works.)

Welp, that sounded overly narcissistic.

For those of you who answered “no,” well, I guess I already lost ya. I guess you’re also a million times better at using your time productively. For those of you who answered “yes”… wait, did anyone else answer yes? Probably not – I’m just a weirdo, sometimes. Don’t mind me.

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June 22, 2011

truly “outrageous” brownies


As the inspiration for the name of this blog, brownies naturally have a certain sentimental value for me. They remind me of my best friends – our late nights crowded around the TV watching Law and Order: SVU, our candid conversations, and our tendency to drift off into a light sleep after finishing off a warm, comforting square of chocolate-y goodness.

But these brownies – this recipe. They are extra special to me.


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