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March 3, 2013

toasted coconut & salted caramel rugelach

LR Sample Edit-3641

Question: Have you ever logged onto Facebook, skimmed through your News Feed, and then proceeded to spend the next 15-20 minutes looking at/ through your own page? (I’m talking pictures, old posts, the works.)

Welp, that sounded overly narcissistic.

For those of you who answered “no,” well, I guess I already lost ya. I guess you’re also a million times better at using your time productively. For those of you who answered “yes”… wait, did anyone else answer yes? Probably not – I’m just a weirdo, sometimes. Don’t mind me.

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August 16, 2012

four-layer chocolate cake with coconut and almond filling


Caution: You are about to embark on reading a long post.  It might as well be a novel, with some pretty pictures and an awesome recipe to break up all the monotony of texttexttexttexttext.  Consider yourself warned (but hopefully not intimidated!).


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September 15, 2010


Yesterday, there was a bowl of stone fruits sitting on the counter.  Rich red plums, vibrant orange nectarines, and sunkissed peaches.  It was quite a beautiful sight.

But today, the bowl no longer contains nectarines or peaches.  We ate the nectarines in their natural, juicy glory, and I baked the peaches to enhance their natural, juicy glory. 

 Poor little plums . . .

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August 13, 2010

moonlight baking is tradition.

I blame my friends.  That’s right, I blame them for this habit of mine – ours.  But I suppose that’s okay, right?  I mean, there’s not all that much wrong with a midnight snack . . . especially when it’s freshly baked!      

I love our late night baking (even when that usually means dumping brownie mix into a bowl, whipping it with some eggs, throwing it in the oven, and then returning to the episode of Law and Order: SVU that we’re watching).  And I love being able to enjoy the smell coming from the oven before the brownies are ready to be eaten.  I even love the anticipation of waiting for them to cool down just enough so that we don’t have to worry about burning our mouths off on piping hot brownies.       

I just love the tradition.  It’s perfect. 

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