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December 27, 2012

carrot cake muffins

You didn’t think I would share a cream cheese frosting recipe without sharing a carrot cake-type recipe to go with it, did you?

(Correct Answer: No.)


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March 13, 2012

banana coffee cake muffins with chocolate chip streusel


Hello, hungry readers!  It’s been quite a while!

2012 has been pretty crazy for me so far… new classes, a decent amount of traveling, exploring summer opportunities.  Pure craziness.  In a good way, of course!

But despite being so busy, I’ve decided, as a sort of New Year’s resolution, to cut back on caffeine.  What what what am I thinking?  Not exactly a decision that is compatible with the college-freshman lifestyle.  (Ironic side note: I just drank a medium iced coffee from Au Bon Pain.  Oops.)


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December 16, 2010

pumpkin cranberry granola


Dear December,

Thank you for making it oh so chilly outside.

 . . . And inside. 

You give me an excuse to drink hot chocolate on a regular basis, cover my bed in layers upon layers of blankets, and wear fuzzy socks. (Come on – you know you love your fuzzy socks too.) 

You even give me an excuse to . . . sprinkle a heap of homemade granola on top of ice cream?

Deliciousness is worth the chill, my friends. 


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