life, lately.

LL Update-1706

This semester totally kicked my ass.

I spent days elbow-deep in 20-page articles to extract a couple of sentences for a research paper. I read through countless job descriptions, only to nix the majority of them because, well, I’m overly picky some (most) times. I ate several pints of Ben & Jerry’s (… cause everyone knows that 1 pint is actually just 1 serving, right?). I ventured to the laundromat for the first time. I changed laundromats because… oddballs and weirdos. (Enough said.) I ran around campus for group projects, then ran around the city for job interviews. Needless to say, sleep was minimal. I spent a week wearing a suit and pairing it with the same 2 dress shirts; I never felt as thankful to put on a pair of jeans as I did by the end of that week. I sat on my bed and ate a slice of the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had. I sat on my bed and let mascara run down my face (perfect make-up is overrated). I walked 20 minutes to get another slice of aforementioned pumpkin pie from Flour Bakery, only to find that THERE WAS NO MORE PIE (!!!!!). I handed in an absurd number of papers and projects; a few of those are probably some of the best work I’ve ever done. I started running. I stopped drinking coffee. Yeah, that didn’t last long (surprise!). I got stuck at JFK the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I discovered the wonder that is a cheddar/ brown sugar/ apple crepe (SO good).

In other words, this semester has undoubtedly been my best yet. Simultaneously torturous but exciting, challenging but beyond rewarding.

I don’t have a recipe for you today, but I do have a random collection of phone pictures that recap some sources of inspiration or happiness from the past few months. In other words, life lately.

LL Update-1749

Sometime in October: Walked by Mike’s Donuts on a Saturday morning after crashing at my friend’s place the night before. Mike’s doesn’t mess around. This is glazed donut and hot coffee perfection.

LL Update-1778

Finally made it to the Head of the Charles. Loved seeing the skyline from this perspective on the walk home.

LL Update-1786

Made the mistake of buying these from Trader Joe’s. Don’t be like me. You’ll eat the whole bag waaaaaaaay too quickly. THEY ARE JUST TOO DARN GOOD.

LL Update-1800

Borderline vegetarian tendencies.

LL Update-1819

Turkey/ beet/ apple sandwich… I did say (only) borderline! Great treat-yo-self lunch to cap off the semester.

LL Update-1875

Studying necessities. Red cup contents: Starbucks blonde roast with 1 pump of vanilla. On the plate: Flour Bakery banana bread (… since they didn’t have any more pumpkin pie. NOT that I’m bitter or anything).

LL Update-1838

Checking out the courtyard at the Boston Public Library for the first time. It’s beautiful. What took me so long to make it over there?!

LL Update-1782

Dog in a sweater. DID YOUR HEART JUST MELT? (If no: Friendship over.)

LL Update-1847

There’s a bite missing!! (… I wonder who’s responsible.)

Whole wheat bread/ chocolate & coconut almond butter/ sliced banana/ chopped TJ’s coconut cashews. YUM.

LL Update-1836

Christmastime in the city never gets old.

LL Update-1876

Proper snacking materials for the train ride home.

LL Update-1877

Spreading the holiday spirit during the Santa Speedo Run. (I high-fived some of the runners!) P.S. – It was snowing. Crazy people.

LL Update-1891

In my attempt to find a witty way to wrap up this post, so far I’ve only thought of, “Take that, syllabi!” or “Helllllllooooooo, vacation!” which, let’s be real, are both super tacky. So how ’bout this instead: Yes, this semester may have kicked my ass resulting in runny mascara, ice cream over-eating, and hyper-caffeination (totally a legitimate word), but you know what? I think it’s fair to say that I kicked ass, too.

Bring it, 2014. I’m ready for ya. (… Wait, can I have a cup of coffee first? And maybe a few more days to catch up on sleep. Great. Awesome. Fantastic.) OKAY, now I’m ready!

8 Comments to “life, lately.”

  1. Great post, I enjoyed it :)

  2. Welcome back…The wonderful blog posts of the Moonlight Baker has been missed.

  3. Congrats!!! Sounds like you deserve a rest :)

  4. Wow. Busy Month. Now remember, the holidays can get stressful, even without school and papers and finals, but it’s the best kind of stress. Enjoy leisurely coffees, extra pie (that pumpkin pie recipe is in Flour Bakery’s Cookbook, FYI) and naps.

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