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August 16, 2012

four-layer chocolate cake with coconut and almond filling


Caution: You are about to embark on reading a long post.  It might as well be a novel, with some pretty pictures and an awesome recipe to break up all the monotony of texttexttexttexttext.  Consider yourself warned (but hopefully not intimidated!).


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July 5, 2012

almond butter froyo with Amaretto caramel sauce


As I’ve mentioned before, ice cream was/ will probably continue to be one of my vices while away at school.  Needless to say, when we studied Ben & Jerry’s in my international business class (and consequently enjoyed a day of free Cherry Garcia, among other flavors) that class was solidified as my favorite of second semester.


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March 13, 2012

banana coffee cake muffins with chocolate chip streusel


Hello, hungry readers!  It’s been quite a while!

2012 has been pretty crazy for me so far… new classes, a decent amount of traveling, exploring summer opportunities.  Pure craziness.  In a good way, of course!

But despite being so busy, I’ve decided, as a sort of New Year’s resolution, to cut back on caffeine.  What what what am I thinking?  Not exactly a decision that is compatible with the college-freshman lifestyle.  (Ironic side note: I just drank a medium iced coffee from Au Bon Pain.  Oops.)


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June 1, 2011

toasted almond bread pudding


I’ve been on hiatus lately.

For the first time in close to four years, I’ve really started to slow down… started to relax.  It’s a weird feeling, to be honest.  I feel… lazy, almost.  I treasure the freedom of carefree afternoons, yet despise the now inevitable feeling of being unproductive.

It’s a simultaneous love-hate relationship.


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December 16, 2010

pumpkin cranberry granola


Dear December,

Thank you for making it oh so chilly outside.

 . . . And inside. 

You give me an excuse to drink hot chocolate on a regular basis, cover my bed in layers upon layers of blankets, and wear fuzzy socks. (Come on – you know you love your fuzzy socks too.) 

You even give me an excuse to . . . sprinkle a heap of homemade granola on top of ice cream?

Deliciousness is worth the chill, my friends. 


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