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December 16, 2013

life, lately.

LL Update-1706

This semester totally kicked my ass.

I spent days elbow-deep in 20-page articles to extract a couple of sentences for a research paper. I read through countless job descriptions, only to nix the majority of them because, well, I’m overly picky some (most) times. I ate several pints of Ben & Jerry’s (… cause everyone knows that 1 pint is actually just 1 serving, right?). I ventured to the laundromat for the first time. I changed laundromats because… oddballs and weirdos. (Enough said.) I ran around campus for group projects, then ran around the city for job interviews. Needless to say, sleep was minimal. I spent a week wearing a suit and pairing it with the same 2 dress shirts; I never felt as thankful to put on a pair of jeans as I did by the end of that week. I sat on my bed and ate a slice of the best pumpkin pie I’ve ever had. I sat on my bed and let mascara run down my face (perfect make-up is overrated). I walked 20 minutes to get another slice of aforementioned pumpkin pie from Flour Bakery, only to find that THERE WAS NO MORE PIE (!!!!!). I handed in an absurd number of papers and projects; a few of those are probably some of the best work I’ve ever done. I started running. I stopped drinking coffee. Yeah, that didn’t last long (surprise!). I got stuck at JFK the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I discovered the wonder that is a cheddar/ brown sugar/ apple crepe (SO good).

In other words, this semester has undoubtedly been my best yet. Simultaneously torturous but exciting, challenging but beyond rewarding.

I don’t have a recipe for you today, but I do have a random collection of phone pictures that recap some sources of inspiration or happiness from the past few months. In other words, life lately.

LL Update-1749

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October 1, 2010

steamed burgers?

Have you ever had a steamed burger before? 

Perhaps you just said yes, thinking of your most recent encounter with White Castle.  We don’t have to talk about it, don’t worry.  

I’m talking about an entirely unique experience, found only at Ted’s Restaurant in Meriden, Connecticut.

On a recent trip to CT, my family and I decided to take a bit of a detour and go check out these infamous steamed burgers.  More specifically, the steamed cheeseburgers

Pulling up to the restaurant, I noticed its unassuming nature.  It was nestled among a Dairy Queen and other assorted shops, which I conveniently can’t recall (not that it really matters).  What I do remember was the sign hanging outside:



Est. 1959

For the past few years – maybe longer, Ted’s has received a ton of press for these puppies.  These crazy little things called “steamed cheeseburgers”.


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August 27, 2010

the old school approach

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now: drop it.  Drop it and no one gets hurt.  This is a serious matter.  We’re talking about pastrami on rye with a schmear of grainy mustard, a sour pickle, and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda.  This is the real deal.


This place is practically a legend, yet I had never eaten there until  just recently.  But now that I’ve tasted what is probably the best kosher-style deli in NY (I thought it might be too dramatic to say the world), my life may never be the same.  I’m starting to have concerns.

Normally, I’m not that drawn to places like this – inflamed with fame, featured on every TV channel known to man, pictures of celebrities hanging on the walls.  For whatever reason, I was compelled to go. 

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