how to treat yo’ mama (and in turn, yo’self) this mother’s day


Well, I think the answer as to how to accomplish this task is pretty obvious: with food. More specifically, with food that you, yes, YOU!, have prepared with those very hands of yours.

Food aside for a minute, a card is also a lovely gesture – especially if you’re not spending the day together. (This is my way of sneaking in an anecdote of my occasionally ridiculous life… Annnnnnd go!)

On Wednesday after work, I rushed to the post office to drop off my cards. I was so determined to beat the last collection of the day that I somehow didn’t see the mailbox “door” (which has a handle, mind you), and instead only saw the open slot above it. After staring at the contraption for a good two minutes, I finally dropped the cards in the slot… only to see the handle literally a second later. I immediately panicked and thought my cards were lost in the Boston Post Office Black Hole, so I hopped on line to alert one of the employees to my misplaced cards.

Turns out the slot is an acceptable place for your mail too… Who knew?

Also, did I mention that my cards were mailed with THE UGLIEST stamps? Yep, those were the result of my post office adventure the day before. Manly muscle car stamps on feminine Mother’s Day cards. Wonderful. (Surprise, Mom!)

Now, back to food! And where better to start than breakfast (/brunch)?!


Hazelnut-Studded Cinnamon Ricotta Scones – Who wouldn’t want a buttery, flaky scone? As the name suggests, these guys are loaded with hazelnuts, scented with cinnamon, and faintly sweet. The perfect match for a cup of coffee. (Which you’re responsible for too, by the way… Even if that means running by Starbucks.)


Pancakes are also a wonderful idea. These Lemon-Scented German Pancakes are citrusy without being overpoweringly so; love them with some fresh berries (especially of the blue or black variety!). And Strawberry Funfetti Pancakes? Come. On. The name says it all – no further convincing necessary.


Carrot Cake Muffins with The Best Cream Cheese Frosting. A mix of breakfast and a classic dessert. Spicy, nutty, tender muffins shmeared with velvety, tangy cream cheese frosting. All signs point to YES YES YES.


Mom not big into sweets in the AM? No problem! English Muffin Bread is easy, delicious, and pairs with any number of condiments (butter, cream cheese, peanut butter, jam, scrambled eggs, etc.). She’ll also probably be pretty impressed that you broke out the yeast and baked some bread for her. Nothing says love like fresh bread.


On to lunch! Make a pasta, grill some chicken, whip up whatever her favorite dish is. Be sure to also make this Green Goddess Salad (or top it with some protein and there ya go – a full meal!). It’s a substantial salad with tons of fresh veggies (broccoli, mushrooms, lettuce, the works) and mixed with a yogurt-based dressing.


Is your mom a fan of ice cream? Mine sure is. Try your hand at this Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream. Going for something a little lighter? Vanilla Bean Semifreddo with Raspberry Sauce is like eating a frozen vanilla-bean laced cloud (cause, ya know, I totally have that frame of reference). Point still stands: it’s really good.


OR you could make this Almond Butter Froyo with Amaretto Caramel Sauce (also lead image). Toasty, nutty, sweet, and creamy. I wish had a dish of this right now.


But let’s be real, what mom really needs is some chocolate. Ina Garten’s “Outrageous Brownies” are exactly that – outrageous. They’re chocolatey, fudge, dense, chewy – everything that a brownies should be, and more. Also love these Chocolate Shortbread Fingers; crumbly, buttery, and a great (afternoon) accompaniment to (yet another) cup of coffee.


Last but not least, these Red Velvet Beet Brownies were a hit with my mom (and let me tell you, she’s a tough one to please!). Tender, chewy, flavored with the slightest fruitiness from the beets, and made all the more decadent with a good slathering of cream cheese frosting.

However you celebrate, I hope you have a lovely (filling!) weekend. Happy Mother’s Day, all!

12 Comments to “how to treat yo’ mama (and in turn, yo’self) this mother’s day”

  1. Your writing is always delightful! Makes me feel like palling around with you. And your photos make me feel fresh, sparkly, like the sun is rising high. Thank you very much for sharing it! It is very inspiring.

  2. Its just amazing.. i love them all. .

  3. Lovely recipes and amazingly “delicious looking” pictures!

  4. I read this before breakfast. How my cereal and fruit pales by comparison, but I loved looking at the beautiful and delicious pictures.

  5. I think I put on 10 pounds by just reading this blog post.

  6. Amazing ideas! :)

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