side notes: spring lovin’

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Hello, Boston Harbor. Last time we met, some people were pouring Arizona iced tea in you. (Ha! Get it? Boston… Tea… Boston Tea Party. Ha. No… just, no.)

Note to all people who think pouring tea into the harbor is funny and original: It’s not. And it’s just a waste of tea (or in this case, “tea”).


Ice cream with a side of sailboats. Perfection.


Camera + Red Pen + Recipe + Coffee = Blogging Time!

Speaking of blogging time…

I took some time this weekend to give TMB a bit of a facelift! Check it out! Ya might even learn something new from the updated About page (which was in dire need of a change).


Concert-going. I cannot get enough.


Shameless berry addict.


Shameless Mexican food addict.

But seriously, these fish tacos are to die for. (Which I know because I finally refrained from ordering the pollo enchiladas this time! Progress!)


Haymarket shopping.


Haymarket finds. 2 Pints Strawberries, 2 English Cucumbers, 1 Bunch Parsley, 1 Bunch Scallions, 4 Lemons, 1 Bunch Asparagus – all for $5.75. Beat that, Whole Foods!


More of the harbor, because it’s beautiful and I love how surreal the clouds look.


Taking a moment to reflect and remember.


4 Comments to “side notes: spring lovin’”

  1. That parsley is such a deep green!

  2. That looks like a very nice day!

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