hazelnut-studded cinnamon ricotta scones


I’ve been reading and watching the news non-stop for the past 36 hours. Despite the frequent sirens right outside my window, it’s hard to believe that what I’m seeing on TV is happening here in Boston.

It’s no secret how I feel about this city – I love it.


I have to admit, writing about scones right now feels a bit superficial… Realistically, I know it is. That said, baking is my outlet. I take comfort in working on some kind of dough, watching how it transforms in the oven, and tasting the results.

Or, better yet, sharing the results.


Chances are, if I bake for you, I want you to know that I care about you. (Because, chances are, I’m more inclined to gift you with a box of chocolate chip cookies than actually verbalize my feelings.) And, chances are, if I’m going to bake for you to show that I care about you, I’m going to put said baked goods in a box, seal it with a shiny embossed sticker, and tie it with a pretty bow.

If you get all that – the works – then you know I really care.

HSCRS-5119 HSCRS-5037

Well Boston, I care about you. A lot. If I could find a big enough box, and a big enough sticker, and a big enough bow, I would bake enough scones for the whole city. You welcomed my transplanted-New York self with open arms, and now I feel it’s time to return the favor. Consider this recipe my way of extending a big, consoling hug.

These scones are tender and flaky, and studded with tons of buttery hazelnuts. Cinnamon adds a sweet spiciness – the perfect accent for a cup of coffee or tea.

For the recipe, please click here!


16 Responses to “hazelnut-studded cinnamon ricotta scones”

  1. that looks really yummy!! im a crappy baker but i love it all the same… my family don’t always merit from my experiments but ill try this one none the less!

    thank you!

  2. LOVE this recipe! I’ve been meaning to use my ricotta in a way that doesn’t involve pasta/lasagna. Can’t wait to try it :)

  3. buoni!

  4. Really yummy looking. The whole of Boston could use some of your comfort food right now

  5. No! There is no such delight – not on earth. I’m watching a preview of heaven. :-)

  6. Great tribute to a great city.

  7. Omg!! What I wouldn’t give for one of these right now! Boston I love you too!


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