side notes: food musings & a green door


This is, perhaps, the most glorious sandwich on the face of this planet. Hummus, shredded carrots and beets, mixed greens, and feta cheese on 7-grain bread – healthy decadence at its best.


I’m also currently obsessed with this granola… but you already know that! Perfect for breakfast, snack, hey – I’ve even eaten it for dinner. It’s that good.


A few weeks ago, I had this awesome slice of eggplant and ricotta pizza… and a bottle of birch beer. It was my first stand-while-eating-this-slice-of-pizza situation. Dark wood counter, stretched legs, people-watching – I’m a fan.


I made some chili and cornbread the weekend of the blizzard. Raw red onion and shredded cheese are a must on chili.


Best Mexican food in the world. (I know, I’m making some big claims tonight. Apologies.) But seriously, these chicken enchiladas… to die for. Smokey, tender chicken, tangy sauce, melty cheese. Simply amazing. I wish I had some right now.


Mix. Bake. Steal end slice. Drizzle. Eat. Repeat.


That’s how to treat a lemon cornmeal loaf.


And a green door, as promised. (With a bonus blue bike!!)


4 Responses to “side notes: food musings & a green door”

  1. That’s it! I’m coming over, leaving right now – you’ll see me at your table soon! :-)
    healthy decadence at its best… indeed!


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