side notes: lights & things


Psssssst. Can I let you in on a little secret?

Sometimes I like to take blurry pictures. They’re imperfect and dramatic.


Buuuuuuut, sometimes I also like  to take sharp(ish) pictures. Especially of food. And yes, Pinkberry does constitute a well-balanced lunch consisting of all 3 food groups – frozen yogurt, strawberries, and almond roca.


I love this street. It’s absolutely beautiful. Can I move in? Pretty please?


Have recipe, will travel! (By picture, anyway…)


These biscotti are the bomb. It’s like eating Nutella/ Ferrero Rocher in cookie form. Chocolate and hazelnut EXPLOSION! Recommend. Highly.

(Note: I am/ this opinion is in no way affiliated with Trader Joe’s. Womp womp.)


I may or may not have been standing on a frozen pond while wearing slippery-surface inappropriate footwear and taking this picture. Intelligence.

I am proud to report that there were no face-plants.


I really like spontaneous walks and this photo.


I made muffins this week! In my opinion, blueberry muffins require lemon as well. Kinda like how lemon and blueberries pair in this amazing rice pudding!


Goodnight, Boston. You’re really pretty.


2 Comments to “side notes: lights & things”

  1. this blog post gave me an idea…Rice pudding muffins!!!

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