side notes: my hand is not used to writing “2013” yet


Happy New Year, all!

Fact: My hand is not used to writing “2013” yet, nor are my fingers used to typing it. They’re still stuck in 2012, apparently.


Last week I listened to the most recent Joy the Baker podcast, in which Joy and Tracy discussed New Year “intentions” rather than resolutions. I’ve never been one to make resolutions, but I very much like the idea of intentions! If I were to set one intention for myself for this year, it would be to write more – specifically, in a notebook immediately after I have an interesting thought/ idea/ etc. This is the closest I’ve come to notebook notes in a while… full post coming soon! (Update: Here it is!!!)


Apple scraps are pretty. Another recipe in the works for ya!


Work shoes from this summer/ the past few weeks are beyond beat-up, worn through. TIme to invest in a new pair? Probably. Will I any time soon? Probably not.


Funny. I did, however, add to my Boston work wardrobe. Stripes on stripes on stripes. Love ’em.


In other entirely random news, I cleaned out my closet this week and came across these books from high school. Heart of Darkness… that book will make anyone want to gouge her eyes out. One day in class my teacher kicked me (and about 3/4 of the other kids) out for having not read and annotated a given section.

Whatta rebel.


Pre-haircut. She does that a lot.




Looking forward to seeing this pretty city again soon!


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