side notes: is it thanksgiving yet?


On this edition of side notes, we’re going to be talking about pie (obviously), Goldfish, Biscoff, journals, studying, muffins, and fresh mozzarella. Ready… break!

Wednesday night was spent baking pumpkin pie and listening to music. It was glorious. I threw in a bit of extra ginger and cinnamon for a slightly spicier flavor. Good call!

By Thursday afternoon, the pie was gone. What can I say, we just like our pie!


On our most recent shopping trip, we bought a huge carton (yes, literally a carton) of multicolored Goldfish. Hello, childhood memories. I forgot how tasty those little crackers are. (In case you forgot, too, they’re tasty. Quite tasty.)


In keeping with the theme of taking pictures of my random snacks, here’s one of a green apple with some Biscoff spread (atop a pile of notes for my operations class). If you have not tried Biscoff yet… well then, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Only kidding! But seriously – what are you waiting for. Go get yourself a jar. ASAP.


I saw this rack of classy journals at a nearby art store. I wish I was the kind of person who could keep a journal of notes or ideas (perhaps even just of flavor profiles for recipes), never mind a classy journal.


If I was a classy journal keeper, I might also write about things like the Charles River after midnight. A bunch of us ventured there on Friday. It was beautiful.

Screen Shot 2012-11-18 at 12.59.24 PM

As I mentioned earlier, I had some studying to do for an ops. exam. I study by typing up my notes from PowerPoints, textbooks, etc. If you ever find yourself needing to know a little something about cycle time or heuristics, please feel free to refer to the snapshot above!

Another part of my studying process is procrastination (surprise!).


That, you see, is how I came upon this picture of chocolate banana muffins that I never blogged about. Procrastination at its finest!

Music is also a necessary part of my studying process. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with this song by The Temper Trap. I think my roommates might be ready to kill me for playing it non-stop.

Screen Shot 2012-11-17 at 11.08.18 PM

And to conclude the second edition of side notes, I thought I’d share a picture of last night’s dinner. Meatball subs. Comfort food at its finest.

Would you look at that melty fresh mozzarella?! The. Best.



3 Comments to “side notes: is it thanksgiving yet?”

  1. Sensational blog! Nice pictures and interesting content. Gladly recommend it to my friends.

  2. Your pictures are so wonderful! I remember when I volunteered at my church’s VBS and we had a giant carton of Goldfish. I had to not eat the whole thing. and it was so difficult.

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