side notes: beyond the kitchen


There’s so much to write about here in Boston, but in the past few weeks I’ve felt especially inspired. Inspired not only to write about this amazing city , but also random tidbits or “side notes” of life. Generally speaking, most of my posts do contain some kind of anecdotal commentary. With this new series, however, I am striving to focus more on random “slices of life” with an emphasis on spontaneous cell phone snapshots and concise, humorous (hopefully!) writing.

Get ready to go beyond the kitchen. Let’s dive in to the side notes!


Had a chance to check out the SOWA Open Market before it closed for the season. One major draw of the market is the food truck expo – so many options under one roof (of an awesome, old warehouse might I add!). I ultimately opted for a BBQ brisket sandwich and a side of mac & cheese. Deeeeeeeeelicious (and messy)!


Reason #197 why I love Boston: Flour Bakery. Their roast beef sandwich with horseradish sauce and crispy onions is heavenly. (Like, literally… I think I hear angels sing every time I take a bite of that sandwich.)

Flour also makes delicious baked goodies.


Yep, that’s a homemade raspberry jam-filled donut. What’s that, you want a close-up? Oh, ok, if you insist!


Homemade donuts are a beautiful thing. How beautiful you ask?



(Side note ^2: Yes, I’m the weirdo who sits outside taking waaaaaaaaaaay too many pictures of her spaceship-sized donut and of the consumption of said donut. I embrace it.)

Speaking of sugary-fried dough filled with raspberry jam, I’ve been hitting the gym lately!


I swear those sneakers have been worn, even though they still look new(ish).

I always wonder what kind of runner I look like when I’m on the treadmill… and then I stop wondering because I don’t want to think such potentially horrifying thoughts. Moving on!

Let’s be honest, we all know the real reason I’ve been motivated to hit the gym lately is so that I can feel less guilty about eating these.


And these!


The dangers of having a kitchen in college.

Studying for a midterm? No thanks. Baking chocolate chip cookies? Yes please!

Made it to see the Zakim Bridge. I’ve been hunting this view down for the past year. Mission accomplished!



14 Comments to “side notes: beyond the kitchen”

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying Boston – it’s a great city. Please tell me you have the Flour cookbook?

  2. Gosh! these pics are amazing…..and so mouth watering!! :)

  3. Your photos are fantastic, arty and still so appetising, plus I am very impressed that you managed to make those donuts, they always seemed slightly beyond my capabilities! Keep posting please your blog provides a lovely distraction from my law degree!

  4. Jelly donuts. Mmmm. Stopped me in my tracks and for quite a while I couldn’t scroll or read, just stared and dreamed.

  5. Dear Kimberly,

    As always I love getting your luscious looking blog–and I like the way you added the extra pictures and comments. It gives me a little more of a picture of your life as a Bostonian. Your blogs are so professional–I am truly hugely impressed.

    Can’t wait to see you next week. Love you lots, Grandma

  6. I love Boston. I grew up in Peabody before moving north with my family when I was a freshman in high school, but I still consider myself a Bostonian.

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