sandwiches galore!


I have news!  And sandwiches!

I recently joined the crew over at The Next Great Generation as a food writer!  I’m just getting started, but so far it’s given me the chance to explore the Boston food scene which is definitely exciting.

For my first post on the site, I decided to make three really simple but really delicious panini using five or less ingredients (salt, pepper, and butter or oil excluded).  Incidentally, I think these may very well be the first savory recipes I’m sharing.  Groundbreaking!

Check out these beauties:




Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Dessert. Snack.  These cover all the bases.  You can find the simple but super satisfying recipes right here!

Happy panini making!



13 Comments to “sandwiches galore!”

  1. Wowzers!
    These all look amazing, I wasn’t even hungry 5 mins ago!
    Sara x

  2. I NEED a sandwich press!

  3. These look so delicious. I might have to go buy a panini press just to make these! And congrats on the job!

  4. looks and sounds delicious. as a great food lover i am going to try all :) thanks for sharing

  5. Congrats! And now I want a sammy!

  6. Congratulations… And delicious!!!

  7. Awesome sandwiches – love them :D
    Though the nutella one is definitely my type!

    Choc Chip Uru

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