Greek yogurt & honey semifreddo + a review!


I feel like this summer has been dragging… and simultaneously flying by.

Does that make any sense?

Probably not.

Nope, none whatsoever. (Maybe it’s the heat that’s frying my brain’s ability to be rational. Or maybe that just sounds like a semi-viable excuse.)


Anyway, this post is a little bit different than most in the fact that I have both a recipe and a product review to share with you. Exciting, right?! A first in The Moonlight Baker history!

Photography is a big part of this blog, and though I’m not a “hardcore” photographer, I do love a gorgeous photo. A crisp, clean, visually captivating photo. Beautiful.

Why not have one printed on a canvas?


I worked with the lovely folks over at Easy Canvas Prints to create a custom canvas with one of my favorite photos. If you recall from my very first post, this is a picture of my dog Ginger. (I know, I know, this is a food blog, not a show-off-your-dog blog. But had I put a food photo on the canvas, I would get hungry every time I’d look at it. I had to make alternate arrangements!)

After designing my canvas on the user-friendly website, I submitted the order and received the 8”x10” canvas just under a week later. It was carefully packaged so as to prevent any damage while in-transit.


Original photograph.


Canvas print. Nice, huh?

I have to say, I was really impressed by the quality of the product. The photo maintained its clarity and sharpness, which is complimented by the black and white (though I’m sure a color print would have been just as aesthetically pleasing). I also opted for the “gallery” wrap option, wherein the canvas is 1.5” thick. Very professional looking!



Though the canvas is printed, it looks very similar to a hand-painted piece. I think a custom canvas (they come in a variety of sizes) from Easy Canvas Prints would make a great gift for just about any occasion. Check it out!

Now, let’s get back on track with the recipe, shall we?



With these high temperatures, frozen desserts are definitely the way to go. I happen to love semifreddos, so I decided to make one with one of my favorite ingredient combinations – Greek yogurt and honey. The Greek yogurt makes this dessert slightly tangy, which is offset by the floral tones of the honey as well as some fresh orange zest. Whipped together with heavy cream, this dessert is light, refreshing, and a super satisfying summer sweet.

Stay cool and enjoy!


Greek Yogurt & Honey Semifreddo

– 3 egg yolks

– 1 C. Greek yogurt (I used 2 %)

– 1 C. heavy cream

– 1/3 C. granulated sugar

– scant ¼ C. honey

– ½ tsp. orange zest, freshly grated

– 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Line a metal loaf pan with plastic wrap, making sure that all edges are covered (this will help release the semifreddo later after freezing).

In a heat-proof bowl, beat together egg yolks and sugar. Cook over a double boiler on medium heat, whisking constantly. After continuing to whisk over the double boiler for about 4-5 minutes, the mixture should be like a thick, pale-yellow ribbon. Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

In another bowl, beat heavy cream until it forms stiff peaks. Set aside.

In a separate bowl, beat together yogurt, honey, and vanilla, until smooth, about 1 minute (I recommend a hand-mixer for this). Add in thickened egg yolks, and continue to beat until smooth and lighter in color, about 1-2 minutes. Mix in orange zest.

Take ¼ of the whipped cream and gently fold into the yogurt mixture (this helps lighten it before adding the rest of the cream). Once incorporated, fold in the remaining cream until combine.

Pour semifreddo mixture into prepared loaf pan and freeze overnight.

To serve: Unmold semifreddo and slice to desired thickness.

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12 Responses to “Greek yogurt & honey semifreddo + a review!”

  1. Awesome photos and the yogurt’s not bad either. Just kidding love the dog and the food.

  2. i totally agree with the dragging and speeding by thing! it makes sense to me, which might mean my brain is fried as well. this looks yummy…your recipes are always so unique, and different than anything i see on other blogs. keep it up:)

  3. Sounds good, but rich. If I made it, I would probably opt to just mix the yogurt, honey, and zest, skipping the cream and eggs and sugar.
    FYI, I found this post through Flawless Focus. I was thinking of providing some content there, and I happened to see your post.

  4. I wish I had some semifreddo right now. It’s been so darn hot for so long!

  5. Oh my goodness this looks so good.. And it doesn’t even look that hard. I will be trying this soon. Thank you!

  6. Great post and thanks for the product review. I have a few photos that I would like to put on canvas, but struggle with what company to use. I will have to check out Easy Canvas Prints. The recipe and photos are making me hungry – I have never tried anything like this, so might just have to go for it and try out the recipe.

    • Thank you! My experience working with the company was definitely a good one, so I would recommend looking into Easy Canvas Prints. As long as you have a good picture to work with, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And please do give the recipe a try – I think you’ll really like it! :)


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