A few days ago, I received this envelope.  Plain, yellow, unassuming. 


No.  Definitely not average.



You see, I hadn’t ordered anything in recent weeks – hadn’t sent for a cute piece of jewelry from Urban Outfitters or requested a catalogue from a specialty store.  Instead, I received this envelope the real old-school way.  Yup, that’s right.  Hand-delivery. 

My uncle passed the envelope on to me, like a baton in a track relay, and explained that this was just a little something from Cooking in Stilettos.  He watched as I opened it up, examined my reaction every step of the way. 

Inside was a copy of Bakerella‘s book, Cake Pops.  Way cool!  I’ve been hearing so much about this book since its release, in addition to being a regular reader of Bakerella’s blog and, in turn, seeing pictures from her book tour.  Before I got the chance to flip through the glossy pages, he further advised me, “Look inside.”


And as soon as I did, I had a bit of an excuse-me-while-I-pick-my-jaw-up-off-the-floor moment.

Now, I didn’t have that strong of a reaction because of Bakerella’s status as a blogging celebrity (don’t get me wrong – I think she’s awesome!)  Rather, I was amazed by the fact that someone – someone who I’ve never actually met – would go to such lengths and do such a kind gesture  for me.  As if buying a copy of the book wasn’t enough, but waiting on a long line to have it signed too?  So sweet, considerate – personal. 

I was, and still am, so flattered. 


 To me, this gesture said, “Welcome to the food-blogging community.  We’re glad you’re here.” 

Well, guess what?  I’m glad I’m here, too. 

For fear of becoming super cheesy any moment, I’m just about ready to end my rant.  I just wanted to thank you, my readers, perhaps my fellow bloggers, and especially Cooking in Stilettos, for letting me be a part of this community. 

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!  Don’t eat too much! (Only kidding!) :]


2 Comments to “thankful.”

  1. i love this book and bakerella its jst been my birhtday and my mum looked for ages to try and get me one bt couldnt get it shipped from any sites to our adress,i was so sad,bt mre for her because she felt so low in herself for nt being able to get me my fave present.i only wish i had friends like urs that could treat me to one of these because im missing it hehe,and im so glad u got one it makes me smile to no someone else can enjoy it so much.what a gift!!amazing.
    love ur blog it inspries me to keep going every day.thanks

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