this is what desire looks like.

Square, hard-covered, and adorned with an awfully tempting picture.

Yes.  This, indeed, is what desire looks like. 

If you recall, I’m not a recipe person.  I prefer to experiment with my recipes, and  I prefer to have that ownership. 

(I know, I’m a rebel.  It’s cool.)

But sometimes, every once in a while –  when the stars align, the moon shines bright, and calc. homework doesn’t exist (only kidding, I don’t mind math that much) –  I come across a cookbook.  A very special cookbook that grabs my attention and compels me to purchase it. 

Helloooooo, Baked Explorations.    You are that special little cookbook. 

I had some extra time to kill before going to work yesterday, so I decided to stop into the Barnes and Noble  just around the corner.  I headed straight to the cookbook section – on a mission.  I was on the hunt for Baked: New Frontiers in Baking

 . . . And then I found its sequel.  Explorations. 

The Baked cookbooks stem from a hip bakery, Baked, in Brooklyn.  I’ve never been there, but I plan to go.  One day.  Until then, I’ll just have to make due with their recipes. 

I’ve stumbled upon the these cookbooks numerous times.  I love their format, commentary, pictures.  But I especially love their recipes. 

I want them. 

I know I may have made it sound like I currently own these two lovely books.  Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  Not yet, anyway. 

Books are expensive, and cookbooks are no exception.  I have to hype myself up about my future purchases, before I take the plunge. 

I imagine it’ll take another 2 to 3 more trips to Barnes before I commit and actually bring these books home with me.  But they will be mine.  That’s a promise. 

It’s only a matter of time . . .

Then again, I might as well just save the money on gas.


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