foregoing recipes: the aftermath

I have this bad habit.

No, it’s not drinking.  It’s not smoking.  It’s not speeding . . .

Actually, I take back the latter.  My bad.

ANYWAY.  Back to business.

Sometimes I forego recipes – even when baking. 

Baking is such a precise science, so this is not exactly the best decision on my part. 

Let’s consider the possible outcomes:

1.) Success.

2.) Failure.

3.) Confusion. 

In this case, I baked up #3.  Confusion.

I can’t decide how I feel about these cookies.  They’re more like biscuits – but not the flaky, buttermilk type.  These are more like “tea biscuits”: dense, chewy, and asking to be accompanied by a hot cup of Lipton (or something herbal – I just didn’t wan’t to use the word “tea” again). 

I am pretty happy with the flavor itself.  The lemon and the ginger inside the cookie play nicely together and are accented by the lemon glaze, for a slightly acidic punch. 

These are the kind of cookies/biscuits (I don’t know what to call them!) that you have to be in the mood to eat.  They’re not like chocolate chip cookies which, in my opinion, have a constant appeal. 

At that, I am somewhat apprehensive to share the recipe with you.  I do not feel that it represents my cooking all that well; I feel like it better represents one of my many cooking escapades . . . with a questionable outcome.

What’s a girl to do at times like these?


Two days later . . . An Update

Every time I walked into, out of, or through the kitchen, I saw a plate full of these little monsters.

None had magically disappeared from the plate.

Nada, zilch, zippo.

Not a good sign, by any means.

 I initially intended to make icebox cookies – maybe those would have gone over better.  But clearly that didn’t happen. 

Instead, these mystery biscuit UFOs did.


So now, tragically, they lie helplessly in the garbage – alongside banana peels, carrot trimmings, and whatever else happens to be in the black hole.  Not pretty.

But they did look yummy at one point.  That still counts for something, right?


5 Responses to “foregoing recipes: the aftermath”

  1. White chocolate chips might pair nicely with this blend of ingredients. maybe change up the recipe to a basic chocolate chip cookie sans choc. cips and add the other ingredients to make it more of a cookie? maybe a sugar cookie base or a pecan /almond ginger/lemon white chocolate chip with a lemon glaze or no glaze.

  2. I’m sorry they weren’t your usual hit. But they DID look pretty! Have you ever checked out this -it’s supposed to be a great resource for the occasional recipe skippers among us ( not me!). Supposedly contains many closely guarded chef secret ratios.


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