strawberries and revelations

I was 6 years old when my family and I took a week-long trip to Lake Placid for our annual summer vacation.  I remember seeing and doing a lot of cool things over the course of that week – figure skating on olympic ice, watching ski-jumpers practicing their dare-devilish stunts, wandering around the charming little town and discovering the many shops it had to offer.  

And who could forget getting stuck in traffic – caused by, of all things, an Iron Man competition?

But one of the most memorable parts of the entire trip – for me, anyway, was our stop at an unassuming restaurant on the drive there. 

To be honest, I don’t remember much about this place.  Don’t know the name, the address.  Don’t even know what I ate for lunch (though my guess would be a hamburger or a hotdog . . .  for what it’s worth).

What I do remember, however, was what I got for dessert – a strawberry ice cream cone. 

I waited patiently at the picnic table that was draped in a tacky plasticized tablecloth with a large blue and white gingham print.

(I have no idea how I can still recall that detail.  Weird.) 

And then, it appeared. 

The most beautiful and generously portioned strawberry ice cream cone I had even seen, hand-delivered by the owner himself. 

Seriously, this thing was incredible.  Two GIGANTIC scoops of what I think was fresh strawberry ice cream atop a crisp waffle cone.  It was glorious. 

We could have packed up, turned the car around, and headed home after that.  Nothing else mattered.  I still would have walked into my first grade class on the first day of school and claimed that I had had the best summer vacation.

More recently, I had a sorta-kinda-not-really related revelation. 

I have not made ice cream this summer.  Not once. 

This is largely due in part to the fact that there was absolutely no freezer-space for me to adequately chill my ice cream making equipment. 

But still.  This is just unacceptable.

Fortunately for me, the ice cream gods passed on a beam of hope.  They caused someone in my household to leave the freezer door open overnight, thus forcing us to throw out half of its contents the next morning.  While ordinarily this would seem like an inconvenience and a waste of money, today it was a window of opportunity. 

And let me tell you – I leaped through that window like there was no tomorrow.

I immediately reserved the freezer space that I had been waiting for all summer.  Mine, at last.  And I began plotting until I had this idea.  This brilliant idea. 

Strawberry ice cream.  Oh, yes.

Don’t have a panic attack.  I know you’re excited.

But –

 I’m going to have to share the recipe, and more pictures, tomorrow.  There is just so much to say about strawberry ice cream. 

Too much. 

So I’ll see you back here tomorrow?  Yes?

Good.  It’s a date! :]


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