the old school approach

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now: drop it.  Drop it and no one gets hurt.  This is a serious matter.  We’re talking about pastrami on rye with a schmear of grainy mustard, a sour pickle, and a Dr. Brown’s cream soda.  This is the real deal.


This place is practically a legend, yet I had never eaten there until  just recently.  But now that I’ve tasted what is probably the best kosher-style deli in NY (I thought it might be too dramatic to say the world), my life may never be the same.  I’m starting to have concerns.

Normally, I’m not that drawn to places like this – inflamed with fame, featured on every TV channel known to man, pictures of celebrities hanging on the walls.  For whatever reason, I was compelled to go. 

I’m not going to divulge details about the process of ordering the food itself.  Essentially it involves long lines, semi-mass confusion, and a silly little pink ticket (pictured above).  There’s not much more to know.

Unless we’re talking about the food itself.  And in this case (because it’s all I’ve had the pleasure of trying), the pastrami on rye. 

Oh baby. 

Hand-sliced  (Yes, I did just say hand-sliced.  Gotta love that old school approach! ) and glistening with beef juices and fat alike, this meat is rich and tender and salty and subtly acidic and all-around delicious.  I was so focused on consuming the sandwich that I didn’t even attempt to decode the spice mixture that encrusted the pastrami.  Oops!

Did I mention, however, that the noticeably fresh rye bread creates a wonderful sponge for all of the pastrami drippings?  Because that is a highly important detail.  Well, that and some grainy mustard.  And a sour pickle.  And a Dr. Brown’s cream soda.

Honestly, I don’t know what makes this combination,  let alone this sandwich, so good.  Maybe it’s because it makes your sodium level skyrocket.  Maybe it’s because the salty and sweet of the sandwich and soda contrast so nicely.  Maybe it’s because  at Katz’s they drug the food – you never know. 

So do what you gotta do: get to Katz’s.  By plane, by bus, by boat, by car, by hitchiking, by foot. 

However you choose, whatever you choose.  It will most definitely be a wise choice.


4 Comments to “the old school approach”

  1. i just stumbled across your blog, and just wanted to say that it’s fab, your dog is cute, and your pictures are awesome! what type of camera do you use? oh and i’ve been to katz’s too and i LOVE it. so cool that you went there!

    check out me and my sister’s blog if you get a chance!

    • Thank you so much! I use a Nikon D3000 for all of my photos and I love it! I’ve only been to Katz’s once, but the food definitely lived up to the hype.
      I took a peek at your blog just now and I love that it’s a team effort between you and your sister – nothing quite like a sisterly bond!

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